We are...

A group of experienced and dedicated distributors serving most major markets within Europe. With over one hundred years of combined experience, we know the European market like no one else. We are built on the credo that a network of distributors brings benefits to both suppliers and distributors, by combining experience, drawing on network effects and facilitating exchange and sharing of best practices. Ultimately, our network unites excellence and experience to create growth for suppliers and distributors alike.

Why talk to us?

Whether you are a new supplier trying to enter the European market or an established brand trying to grow - we can help. We know our local customers inside-out - what they work on, what they buy, how they tick. By working with us, you get our combined know-how. And more than that - when you do a distributor training, you do it for all of us. So you save time to focus on the importnat things.

So what's next?

Contact us!  Let us know your needs and we'll tell you what strategy we recommend - no strings attached.